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Indecent Proposal

Southwark Playhouse


Book & lyrics Michael Conley
Music Dylan Schlosberg

Atlantic City. 1988. Jonny and Rebecca are very much in love and very much in debt. Jonny’s a struggling singer-songwriter who spends most of his time playing backup at the Oasis Casino Hotel Resort. Rebecca works for a local charity and part-time at the casino. They struggle to make ends meet but they’re happy and that’s enough. Or is it? Tickets

Fri 22 Oct - Sat 27 Nov


The Rhythmics

Southwark Playhouse


Book & lyrics Poppy Burton-Morgan

Music & lyrics Ben Glasstone

Hapless single-dad Grey is in a rut. Teenage daughter Silva packs him off to revive his rockstar dreams, successfully auditioning for ‘Nick & the Rhythmics’ only to realise … he’s actually signed up for an all-male Rhythmic Gymnastics troupe. Against the odds these burly blokes make it as far as the World Championships – twirling their ‘ribbons of fire’ – and along the way Grey finally learns to commit to life. Tickets

Thu 02 Dec - Sat 08 Jan