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Love, look & listen

For anyone who wants to re-live the joy of watching our members' work in performance, follow the links below and enjoy.



Book, music & lyrics Hilmi Jaidin BML

When his life falls apart, Jay takes refuge in an online role-playing game. But when he meets another player on an ideological mission, he realises that he’s holding on to something more powerful than he ever knew ...  

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House Fire

Book & lyrics Poppy Burton-Morgan BML

Music Felix Hagan 

A trio of endangered animals form a rock band to protest against the climate crisis. This riotous new musical will set your world on fire.    

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The Rhythmics

Book & lyrics Poppy Burton-Morgan BML

Music Ben Glasstone BML



Against the odds a group of burly blokes twirl their 'ribbons of fire' as far as the World Championships - and along the way learn to embrace life. Calendar Girls meets Full Monty in this joyous new musical. 

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Sheila The Tiny Turtle

Book & lyrics Caitlyn Burt BML
Music Amir Shoenfeld BML

Sheila's the youngest and smallest of her turtle siblings, living in a creek deep in the Australian desert. When her brothers won't go into the desert to find a cure for their ailing mother, Sheila decides to face the danger herself.


An audio mini-musical for young audiences. 

Listen on the Bite-Sized Broadway podcast


In The Willows

Book & lyrics Poppy Burton-Morgan BML
Music Pippa Cleary
Lyrics Keiran Merrick



Book & lyrics Poppy Burton-Morgan BML
Music Ben Glasstone BML

This classic story is brought leaping into the 21st Century with ballads, beats and backflips. A fresh new musical that's fun for the whole family.

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Watch 'Animal'

Watch 'Head Above Water'

A university science lab. A kebab shop at 2am. An online gaming forum. Two strangers’ lives become unexpectedly intertwined. Alan Bennett meets The Streets in this tender and uplifting new musical film, giving voice to the lives of two everyday blokes in search of connection ...

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Watch on YouTube (episode 1 of 7 episodes)


The Curious Case of 

Benjamin Button

Music & lyrics Darren Clark BML  
Book & lyrics Jethro Compton

An award-winning hit with critics & audiences that premiered at Southwark Playhouse in 2019. 

The famous short story by F.Scott Fitzgerald is transplanted to Cornwall for a folk-infused, time-defying, heart-lifting journey of love & discovery.

Watch the cast perform 'A Matter of Time' 

Watch the cast perform 'Home' 

Watch Rebecca Trehearn perform 'Time'


The Little Prince

Book & lyrics Poppy Burton-Morgan BML 
Music Candida Caldicot BML 

Recorded during lockdown, this is a gorgeous take on Antoine De Saint Exupery’s much-loved story.

A WW2 pilot has crashed in the middle of the Sahara.
If she doesn’t find water soon she’ll die. But instead of water she finds a mysterious child - the Little Prince -whose imaginative adventures and tales of far-off planets quench a deeper thirst.

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