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Adey Grummet


... is difficult to fit into any neat categories.


She has (thoroughly) enjoyed a long career as a singer and actor, conductor, animateur, deviser and experimenter and historian. Whilst her performing career has taken her from original casts of Cats and Les Mis to a solo opera in Buenos Aires and conducting in the Royal Albert Hall, her writing has encompassed several genres. Her opera was produced by Tete a Tete, her ‘instant’ kids’ story-telling show by BAC, her poetry published by Saccharine Poetry, her two history books by Shoving Leopard and Scala, and she has written lyrics for school creative projects, numerous choral and opera projects and classical recitals.


She has worked as a lyricist for several projects with ENO’s outreach department and she mentored Liz Carr in the writing of Assisted Suicide the Musical.


She writes regularly with composer and MD Michael Henry. Current projects include a show set in la grande siecle in Paris, a piece for a US/UK Black Lives Matter choral songbook and a piece for Music For Youth’s massed ensembles (in the RAH again) this November.


She was a founder member of BML and proud to serve its board for eight years.

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