by Graham Witlock & Alan Berlyn

Graham and Alan met in the very first First Year Workshop in 2011 and and have presented work from this piece in the second-year and advanced workshops. Passport to Pimlico was presented as UK's first promenade musical in July 2013.


In 1949, as austerity Britain is gripped by a heatwave, an unexploded World War II bomb detonates uncovering buried treasure and documents that reveal Pimlico is technically part of the ancient French duchy of Burgundy.  When Whitehall bureaucrats try to seize the treasure, the people of Pimlico declare independence.  They tear up their ration books and set in motion a chain of events that unite and change their community forever, declaring “it’s because we are English that we’ll fight for our right to be Burgundians!” 

Will local bank manager and reluctant revolutionary leader Mr Wix win the battle against a Whitehall blockade, and win the heart of shopkeeper Shirley following the unexpected arrival of the dashing long-lost Duke of Burgundy? 


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