by Theo McCabe

An original comedy B- Musical from the creators of Vampire Hospital Waiting Room.

Welcome aboard Blues Cruise journey no. 666, where the weather is glorious, the Sundeck is heaving and eternally lusty Captain Bleufonde has decided to resurrect his dead lover by sailing into an apocalyptic storm.

Meanwhile as ever-loyal First Mate Fittles tries to curb the Captain’s explosive insanity and maintain order onboard, Veteran Cruise Rep Hanks Leeroys has broken the Golden Rule by falling in love at first sight with a passenger, sister Evie Lowe – and her perilously beautiful 6x6 inch square of visible face. 

Will love overcome all at the end of the world? Come hell or high water the bar will be serving.

★★★★★ Plays to See - "Absurd, puerile, vulgar, and utterly, utterly brilliant." 

★★★★★ London Theatre 1 - "Superb" 

★★★★★ Culture Whisper - "As good as anything you'll find on in the West End"

★★★★★ Ginger Wig - "A trip to musical comedy heaven" 

Fairy Powered - "Sublime silliness" 

There Ought To be Clowns - "Marvelously insane" 

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